Lucky Harvey All Collections--Define the new concept of "Mechanical Interest"

Lucky Harvey: Unveiling the Fascinating World of a Timepiece Company

Lucky Harvey, established in 2021 in Guangzhou, is a unique timepiece company that embodies the essence of China's creativity, originality, and craftsmanship. With a focus on original design, research, development, production, sales, and after-sales service, Lucky Harvey has carved a niche for itself as a prominent player in the watch industry.

The brand's values of genuine quality, joyful creativity and interesting timepieces are implemented in each watch, which is both functional and visual, and is committed to redefining the aesthetics of the wrist and redefining the concept of "Mechanical Interest" through the craftsmanship of movement doll.

Before the establishment of LUCKY HARVEY, the brand founder Mr. Lin has been deeply engaged in the watch manufacturing industry for a long time, in the era of Chinese manufacturing reputation in the world, but few Chinese watch brands can stand on the stage of the world's watches, just want to be a "take out" national watch brand has become the vision and mission of the founder. On a warm day, in the process of choosing a birthday gift for his son HARVEY, the founder thought of giving his son a birthday gift with the meaning of luck, hoping that after the baptism of time, his son can still keep a childlike vision and optimistic attitude to face life, so he registered the watch brand name LUCKY HARVEY. It is also the original idea given to "LUCKY HARVEY".

Product Development History


Lucky Harvey unveils its first creation, the "Tiger" watch.

The first limited edition of 300 pieces sold out on the same day.

orange tiger watch



Launch of a watch on the theme of "The Sun and the Moon Shine Together • World Peace".

The Sun and the Moon Shine Together • World Peace

Launch of the "White Tiger" in June 2022 in a limited edition of 2,022 pieces.

super luminous tiger

In October, the "Bee" watch was launched.

automatic bee watch


In January, a new "rabbit" themed watch was launched to welcome the Spring Festival.

lucky rabbit watch

In May, the "Dragon" series watch with strong Chinese elements was launched.

Lucky harvey automatic dragon watch

In August,Hide by Day and Come Out at Night Owl  New Watch was launched.

In October,Skull New Watch was launched.

lucky harvey skull

In November,Lion Dance Watch was launched.

lucky harvey lion dance watch


 In January,Limited Edition Enamel Watch and White Dragon were launched.

lucky harvey Limited Edition Enamelled Dragon Watch
lucky harvey white dragon watch

In March,Awakening Of Insects Snake Watch was launched.

lucky harvey snake watch series
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