Lucky Harvey exhibited at 2023 Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair

The Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair is one of the most influential watch exhibitions in Asia and the world and has been presenting the world of watchmaking to the watch industry and watch enthusiasts since 1983. Every year, watch brands, manufacturers, designers, and industry experts worldwide come together to share the latest industry news, technological innovations, and design trends.

Photo from the official website of the Hong Kong Watch and Clock Fair

During the exhibition, visitors can enjoy a close-up look at a wide range of exquisite timepieces and feel watchmaking's superb skills and infinite creativity.
The Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair is not only a platform for exhibition and trade, but also an event for industry exchange and learning. During the exhibition period, several seminars, product launches, and networking events will be organized to enable exhibitors and visitors to gain an in-depth understanding of industry trends, share experiences and insights, and expand business connections and resources. These activities not only enhance exhibitors' brand awareness and market influence but also inject new vitality and impetus into the development of the entire watch industry, making significant contributions to the development and prosperity of the global watch industry. Whether you are a watch lover or an industry practitioner, the Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair is an exciting event not to be missed.

Lucky Harvey Watches is honored to participate in the 2023 Hong Kong Watch and Clock Fair, and we hope to let more people know about our brand. Lucky Harvey Watches, China's first brand of mechanical watches with automaton, has always put the "fun of watches" at the forefront of our minds, and we have incorporated traditional Chinese culture into the creation of our watches. Lucky Harvey Watches desire to bring Chinese manufacturing and Chinese culture to the world.

This time we exhibited the white tiger watch series, bee watch series, rabbit  watch series, lion dance watch series, owl  watch series, skull watch series and snake watch series.The Lucky Harvey Dragon watch, will also be displayed in the fair. This watch is one of the contestants for the “Men's Watch" at the 23rd Grand Prix d'Horlogerie de Genève (GPHG), revealing the perspective of China's high-end watchmaking.


Lucky Harvey watch attracted a large number of watch experts and lovers in China and abroad. During the exhibition, we introduced the history and culture of our brand and the inspiration for the creation of the watch as well as the watch-making technology to every customer in detail, which was recognized and praised by the industry, and we received an endless stream of people who were curious about and wanted to know more about the Lucky Harvey Watch, which was a great encouragement to us.

In the future Lucky Harvey Watch will launch more interesting watches, we will actively participate in various awards and exhibitions, we look forward to meeting with more friends, and strive to make more good quality, playful, unique watches so that the world can also see the charm of Chinese watchmaking.

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