Lucky Harvey has won the prestigious 2023 MUSE Design Awards!


  The MUSE Design Awards is an international design competition dedicated to recognizing excellent and original design work from across the globe. With a mission to honor, celebrate, and elevate outstanding design innovators, MUSE also serves as a key stage to unveil up-and-coming stars in Architecture, Interior, Product, Landscape, Lighting, Furniture and Fashion Design worldwide.

  Established by the International Awards Associate (IAA) in 2015, the award aims to push the boundaries of what is possible, inspiring others to further elevate the standards of the design world. Beyond just honors, the MUSE Design Awards offers unparalleled exposure for award-winning designers, artists, architects, brands, and design agencies, highlighting their market-leading position and expertise in the industry.

The Lucky Harvey Owl Watch won the GOLD award.

OWL applies an intriguing game design language to integrate the owl and its hunting scenes into the watch dial. Combined with a simple appearance, OWL is a stylish and distinctive watch. The designer hopes that OWL can balance aesthetic appearance, interaction design, and mechanical precision and embody time passing with the iconic movable puppet structure of Lucky Harvey.

The entire dial is designed around the owl's excellent perception and visual acuity during hunting, using highly luminous materials to create a dynamic picture of the owl at night. With fully automatic movement and a movable puppet structure, the watch dial vividly reproduces scenes of the owl's eyes opening, the field mouse hiding, and the total lunar eclipse to make the boring time passing more interesting.

In appearance design, the designer uses a 3D coloring process to replicate the characteristic big eyes and textured feathers of the owl, creating a highly artistic and ornamental watch.

The Lucky Harvey Dragon Watch won the Platinum award.

Upholding the design concept of being a fun watch, DRAGON merges ancient Chinese culture and modern fashion, providing users with a new way of time perception. It has a fully automatic mechanical movement. It uses a movable puppet structure to reproduce the scene of a dragon spitting bead, enabling the dragon bead to pop out at the top of the hour and retract uniformly with time, which is eye-catching and highlights the constancy of time passing.

This watch integrates classic Chinese artistic aesthetics in the overall exterior design. The vivid dragon perched on the dial is crafted using 3D micro carving technology, vivid and delicate. Coupled with coiled rings, it presents the scene of a dragon rising. The sapphire mirror applies a dome shape to form a 3D visual effect, which is highly artistic and ornamental, embodying the brand craftsmanship spirit of striving for perfection and innovation.

In addition, this watch is available in three colors: emerald green, gold, and silver. The watch strap is made of genuine leather and fluororubber materials, paired with polished clasps, making this watch premium, elegant, and comfortable to wear, which meets users' artistic pursuit of high-end watches.

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